Holiday in Resort Pulau Perhentian Besar

Out in the South China Sea, Resort Pulau Perhentian Besar is just on of the islands in the area, was once visited by sailors and merchants. These merchants and sailors made regular trips between Bangkok and Malaysia. Now, the island is home to the Resort Perhentian Besar Resort

Many people try to travel during the off season in hopes of saving money. This is not the case if you choose to vacation here between November and February. That time of year is their monsoon season so most shops and restaurants will be closed. Also, your choice of rooms may be very limited.

There is only one way to get the island and that is by boat. You have your choice of a speed boat, which tends to be a bumpy ride, or a wooden fishing boat that takes a little longer to reach the island. All the boats take you to your destination on the island.

The waters surrounding the island are crystal. All forms of marine life including sharks, sea turtles, fish and coral reefs, have their homes here.

On the island of Besar, there are several dive shops located on the different beaches. There is Alu Alu Divers which is a small operation. Flora Bay Divers offers courses from beginner to instructor. Perhentian Island Divers is on the same beach as Perhentian Island Resort. Turtle Bay Divers, located next to Mamma’s Chalet, with enthusiastic staff, this makes for an excellent family trip. Finally, Watercolours, another small operation, offer small group diving. No wet suit is required; but, you might want to wear one for protection from jellyfish.

Snorkeling, with guided tours is available also. Taluk Pauh, Shark Poin and Tanju Basi are the spots to go to. The resorts and some restaurants have snorkeling equipment.

If you wish to see more native animals, you might choose to hike the trails. These trails connect the beaches to each other. Along the way monitor lizards may appear. Off of the main trail, you will see the monkeys that live here. Be ready to get hot and sweaty. You will also be swatting bugs away as well.

Teluk KK, a restaurant on the southwestern end of the island offers the most common food found on the island as well as BBQ seafood.

On the menu at the Arwana Resort is beef, chicken, fish and squid. They also have a deli. At the east of the island is where you will find this restaurant.

Another restaurant that offers food similar to what the villagers eat is Mamma’s Restaurant, beside Mamma’s Resort.

Mashed potatoes, fried prawns and chicken fried rice are offered at Flora Bay Restaurant, next to Flora Bay Resort.

Offering vegetarian and seafood, and next to the dive shop, Paradise Island Resort restaurant is Watercolours.

If you want 24 hour electricity and water, air conditioning that you control, in room coffee and tea service and wifi, then Tuna bay Island Resort, the best place on the island, is the way to go. It is located on a white sandy beach.

Besides, Tuna Bay Resort offers its customers rooms with hot water and safety deposit boxes.