Multi- – Options to Consider

Most travellers make sure they buy travel insurance before they go away but this can be a real hassle for the person who travels frequently. To meet their needs insurance providers now offer multi-. If you are in this category of frequent traveller, this is the policy for you.

For peace of mind and assurance this type of travel policy is the answer and should be thought of as a necessity and not just a luxury. Unforeseen mishaps can happen anyway and just as easily when you are outside your own country. There are many people who have experienced nothing more than a small trip resulting in a broken bone or an apparent minor car accident whilst abroad who have found themselves facing massive medical and legal bills. With insurance they experience few problems, but without it they face untold difficulties, both financial and legal.

Multi- is designed for travellers so that all of their trips are covered throughout the year. This avoids the need to buy a policy before each trip. Not only is it much simpler handling the renewal just once a year, but it guarantees that you will never forget to arrange cover whilst you are away. Policies do have a trip limit however, which restricts you to maybe 30 or 60 days for each period out of the country. This can often be extended by arrangement with the insurer if required.

Be aware of what sort of coverage you are buying as policies will generally cover trip delays, medical emergencies, loss or damage to baggage and personal belongings, plus a variety of other events, but will not include as standard other coverage that you may require, such as winter sports cover. Be careful to also check that the financial limits that apply to each type of risk are sufficient for you and that the excess, or deductible, that applies to any claim is okay. Generally the lower the excess on the policy the more the policy will cost.

There are many different types of multi-. There are individual policies, student or backpacker policies as well as family policies that will cover husband, wife and children on the same policy. Before buying look carefully at what you own requirements might be, where you are likely to be travelling to in the forthcoming year and then select a plan that matches those requirements. Compare several policies before committing yourself. You may choose to do the research all yourself, perhaps online, or you may use the services of an insurance agent or broker. Either way, with a clear idea of what you are looking for you will be able to find a good policy at a price that is right for you.

Why then should you purchase multi-? Most importantly, if you want a relaxing and enjoyable trip without constantly worrying about finding insurance in time, this type of insurance is exactly what you should have. Wherever you are going, whether for pleasure or business, you will know that you are prepared for unforeseen difficulties or events.